October 10, 2013

CT Trip, Day #2 ~ My Best Friend's Wedding, literally!

On Sunday, we attended the wedding of one of my very best friends, Rachel.

About seven or so years ago, she went to study abroad in Morocco during graduate school. While she was there, she met a man named Badre (pronounced kind of like Butter :p )

They dated for the year that she was there and tried to make things work, long-distance, but eventually they decided to part ways, agreeing that it just wasn't their time.

A few years later, Rachel visited Morocco again while on a business trip. She met up with Badre and the feelings were still there. They decided that they wanted to make it work this time and they decided to get married!

Rachel and Badre were legally married during a previous much smaller, private ceremony; however on this day, they were throwing a reception to celebrate with family and friends.

The bride and her parents.

 The bride's brother is starting up a macaroon business in L.A. so we had delicious macaroons for favors.

Besties since 2002!

I am beyond happy that I was able to be there to help celebrate Rachel's big day.

A couple days after the wedding, Rachel and Badre left for a two-week honeymoon in Bali, so jealous! 

They should have just recently returned from their honeymoon to their new home in Morocco. I am going to miss Rachel to pieces and wish her only the best on her new life adventure.


scrapperjen said...

Congratulations to them!

Christina said...

your dress!!!

Eights on the Move said...

What an awesome & unique celebration! And I LOVE that dress you're wearing - gorgeous! :)

Meg said...

I looove your dress! And what a great day you had!

Jessica Orlowicz said...

Thanks! My camera is a Canon Rebel T3 :)

Janna Renee said...

What a neat story, and her dress was so fun!

Kate said...

What a special story! Very romantic. Congratulations to the new couple!

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