November 25, 2013

So I have a thing...

Where my OCD kicks in and I have to clear out all of my unread blog posts in Bloglovin' before I can continue on and write my own post.

It can also be very daunting when I sign in and see 799 unread posts. Eek!

Needless to say, when I saw that this morning, I got to work.

I didn't read anywhere close to all of them, but if you ever notice comments on posts dating back a week or two, you'll know why.

I was so glad to get everything cleared out so that I could finally write my own post, so here we go...

The last couple weeks have been on the crazy side, that's what happens when you have about five months to plan a wedding. I'm really happy with how everything is coming along though and I've gotten quite a few things crossed off my list.

To catch y'all up on what's been going on around here....

My birthday was a couple weeks ago, on the 17th, and it was a great weekend. I hung out with Lindsey on Saturday at the Navy wives vendor fair on base then Shaun treated me to a manicure and pedicure :) On my way to the salon, I picked up a couple bridal magazines to browse while I got pampered.

That night, we met Lindsey, TJ, and Liam out for sushi at Sushi 101. It was delish, then we headed out to their house to hang out for a bit.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, Shaun and I went to brunch at Red Drum then headed downtown to walk around. We didn't really buy anything, but it was warm out and nice to spend time outside. 

From downtown, we headed out to John's Island for dinner at Wild Olive with friends. It wasn't the craziest birthday by any means, but it was a great weekend.

No re-cap is complete without a couple pictures of these two...

Last week, we went for a tasting at Cru Catering and it was a-maz-ing.

Here is a little sneak peak!
They surprised us at the end with dessert, Bourbon-infused Cherry Bread pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream. All I have to say....omg.

This past weekend on Friday, I went with Shaun and another one of his co-workers and their students to hibachi. We then got Rita's for dessert, YUM!

On Saturday, Shaun went to play paintball with his students in the morning and early afternoon. While he was out doing man things, I did what I do! We had planned a photo shoot with Marie on Sunday and I had to make sure we were looking our best.

Saturday night, we grabbed some apps at Sesame then headed across the way to the IMAX theater to see Catching Fire. It was really good, I was happy about that :)

Lastly, on Sunday, I headed out to Tease Dry Bar to get my hair and makeup done and shortly after Shaun and I met up with Marie for pictures. What was supposed to be an 'engagement shoot' quickly turned into a mini holiday shoot due to the freezing cold weather and wind. Guess we'll have to try again another time!

Soooo, that's about it. Thank you if you actually read through this whole post and made it this far :p

I have lots more wedding stuff to post about and promise to get to that soon!

Hope you all have a great week!


November 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday!

I am very excited today because Shaun and I are going to tour our number one choice for venue!

Old Wide Awake Plantation

Originally we had discussed a wedding date of Sunday, April 13, 2014, but changed it to April 6 due to our upcoming move. We thought this would give us more time to visit family after the wedding and before our move to Hawaii.

After calling around to local hotels over the past few days, I am quickly finding that April 6 was not a very good choice. The Cooper River Bridge Run is the same day and it is the biggest event in Charleston. I haven't been having very much luck finding a block of hotel rooms for our out-of-town guest, most places have nothing available.

Last night, we discussed changing the date back to April 13th or even the weekend before, March 30. We have told some people April 6, but we haven't sent out save-the-dates yet or signed any contracts.

What would y'all do? The cheapest hotel room I've been able to find so far ranges from $179-$199 (WITH a group discount!) Since we already have so many guests coming from out-of-state, I feel like this would deter them from coming even more :(

We plan to talk to the event coordinator at the venue tonight to get her opinion.

Any suggestions are welcome!

November 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Proposal Story

I'm soo excited to finally get to link-up for Wedding Wednesday!

Today, I would like to share our proposal story. It's a good one, I promise.

A little background: Marie's future sister-in-law, Michelle, came down from Richmond over the weekend to do some wedding shopping of her own. She is getting married in May so we did some wedding dress shopping and bridesmaids dress shopping on Saturday and Sunday.

Shaun went down to the beach with Marie's husband on Sunday to do some fishing and we agreed that us girls would meet them down there when we finished and we would go grab a bite to eat.

TOTALLY normal kind of weekend.

On Sunday, after shopping, us girls headed down to Sullivan's Island to meet the guys. I had driven separately and had to stop over to get gas on the way, which got me there a few minutes later than Marie and Michelle. This turned out to be a good thing ;)

As I walked up to the beach, I was completely oblivious. Nothing seemed different to me in the least.

As I walked up over the dune, I saw Marie and Michelle over to my left and it appeared as though there was a small group of people standing behind them. Marie was crouched down with her camera, which confused me a little bit, but I continue to walk closer, smiling and posing for the camera (hah.)

As I neared the group, Marie yelled to me to go over and see Shaun. I looked around, but with the bright sun and glare off the water, it wasn't clear that it was him standing over to my right. Just as I started to turn toward him, I realized that Lindsey was one of the people in the group behind Marie.

I kind of blindly walked in his direction, again slightly confused as to why he was standing way off to the side away from everyone else and also standing in what appeared to be a circle he drew in the sand. As I got closer, I realized that he was actually holding a bouquet of red roses and the "circle" that I thought he was standing in was actually a heart made out of pink roses. I turned and looked back with a look of complete shock on my face and realized that the other people within the group were about ten of our closest friends.

Then it hit me.... Oh my god, he's going to propose.

I immediately started crying as I walked the rest of the distance to him. As I stepped into the heart on the sand, he got down on one knee. First he told me to stop crying because I was going to make him cry, then he told me he loved me and a few more sweet words, presented my ring and asked me to marry him.

Between sobs, I said, "yes!" and we hugged and hugged.

After a few minutes, I turned around and realized that all of our friends were right there to congratulate us. It really was the most perfect proposal I could have ever dreamed of. It meant so much to have our friends there, too.

After a little while, a handful of us decided to grab an early dinner so we headed to Home Team BBQ to celebrate :p Totally us.

SO, that's it! Here are some pics :)

November 5, 2013


Sooo, I know that I've been a in and out of blogging a lot lately, but it has mainly been because I knew that we were on the verge of some big news and I could hardly contain myself.

We got official word about Hawaii now though so I can freely talk about that and something else happened over the weekend that I can also now talk freely about....


Shaun proposed this past Sunday and I say "yes!", of course :)

It was the most perfect proposal. He caught me completely off guard and I couldn't possibly think of a better way for him to have done it.

We have set the date for April 6, 2014. Yes, we have only about five months to plan, but I am ready! You see, I knew that it was only a matter of time and I may have taken it upon myself to do some of the legwork already (with Shaun's approval, that is.)

As of tomorrow, I plan to join in on Marie's Wedding Wednesday link-up or eventually create my own. Stop on by tomorrow for my first post, The Proposal Story!

 And, for those who are dying to see it (because I know I would be!)

I am one HAPPY girl! <3<3<3
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