November 10, 2014

Small Business.

Happy Aloha Monday everyone!

I finally feel like I am in a good position to share with you all, a little project that I've been working on.

Upon moving to Hawaii with my husband, I had to leave my full-time job at the College of Charleston, and with that, I left behind a lot of my financial independence that came along with that.

I knew that if I left my job, that I would want to try and do something from home that would give me the flexibility of making my own schedule and working for myself. From this, came the idea for Southerly Monogram Shop.

I've got myself an embroidery machine and have been whipping up some super cute toddler t-shirts and baby onesies for the kiddos! Many of the orders that I have been getting are for military homecomings, but I also have some adorable monogrammed goodies in my Etsy shop, as well.

I would love for you all to check it out! And also, please feel free to share :)

Here is just a sample of some of the designs that I offer.

Please "Like" me on Facebook for updates on new items coming every week!

Thanks, y'all!!


Jen said...

These are super cute items! Love them. :)

Meg Doherty said...

Oh my gosh!!! These are so cute (as you can imagine) I am now obsessed with monograms and just ordered a vest. I will have to see if there are any kiddos in my life in need of gifts!!

Sam @ said...

Oh my gosh!!! Everything is adorable!!! Heading over to your etsy shop now! I love monogrammed everything!

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh! Emery's onesies!!! I've been SO out of the blogging loop I just saw these now! LOL. Love them! How crazy that I didn't see these before you sent them. Hahahahaha =]. Miss you!

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