March 9, 2016

Hiking Hawaii - Kuli'ou'ou Ridge.

A couple weekends ago, Shaun and I went on another hike with a few friends. This happens to be another one of my faves that I had been dying to take him on. So glad we've had some free time together over the few weeks before he left to cross some things off our bucket list.

The hike was Kuli'ou'ou Ridge and it was a little over five miles roundtrip. It was a perfectly clear, sunny day and the views were better than ever.

 Waimanalo to Kailua.

Hawaii Kai and Hanauma Bay.

Bird's eye view of Diamond Head.


Warmest Aloha,

March 7, 2016

One week down..

We ended up doing the IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) last Saturday.

Everything went well and we had 15 million motile sperm. While that sounds like a lot, I realize it could have been a little better. The doctor did say that anything over 10 million was good so praying one of those little guys found it's way to wear it needed to go! haha

36 hours before the IUI was scheduled, we used an HCG injection to trigger ovulation. Because of this, doctors usually recommend waiting at least 14 days to take a pregnancy test otherwise, you run the risk of getting a false positive (HCG is the hormone that your body starts producing when you are pregnant and is what home pregnancy tests are looking for.)

My mom and dad get in to Hawaii tonight so I'm glad they will be here this weekend when I'm ready to test. Shaun left for his deployment last week so any distraction is definitely welcome. I'm really hoping and praying that I have some good news for him when I talk to him next!

I'm just trying to stay positive in the meantime. If we don't end up getting a positive this month, I really just want to work my butt off and get back into shape while Shaun's away. I've really slowed down on exercising, especially with the Follistim, as rigorous exercise is not recommend when using that medication :(

We also talked before he left and decided that if we don't get pregnant this month, we will start the IVF process when he gets home. There is a good chance we will be moving to Guam at the beginning of next year and we will no longer have the infertility benefits that we have here in Hawaii.

All your positive thoughts, prayers, and baby juju are appreciated! Five more days until test day!

Warmest Aloha,

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