August 29, 2016

Team Blue or Team Pink???

At 16 weeks, I was lucky enough of find out the gender of our little peanut and there was no mistaking it! 

I was so excited and determined to find a cute way to tell Shaun. Again, he was still deployed at this point and when working on a submarine, communication is VERY limited. I didn't want to just send it in an email (that, by the way, he may never get) or tell him over the phone, so I decided to make up a little gift box with a couple onesies, a laminated ultrasound photo, and a DVD that I had made for him. At 17 weeks, I went out in town and paid to have an extra ultrasound done at a place that will record it on DVD. This was the best and only way that I would get to share that moment with my husband.

I was also lucky to have a friend who was planning to travel to South Korea to meet her husband, who also works with Shaun, at the next port call. She was able to see him and personally hand him the package. When your husband is in the military and never home, you just have to find a way to make things work!

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Jen said...

:) I can't wait for this sweet boy to be born!

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