Our Story

I was born & raised in the North, but definitely have a southern heart. 

I moved to Charleston, South Carolina in December 2010 and met my now-husband, Shaun, in January 2011.

With our closest friends nearby, Shaun proposed on November 3, 2013 near Station 13 on Sullivan's Island.

We tied the knot, five months later, on April 13, 2014! Our wedding was held at the beautiful Old Wide Awake Plantation, just outside Charleston, in Hollywood, SC.

Ten days later, on April 24th, we boarded our flight to our new life in Hawaii and our first big Navy move together. First things, first - we bought our first home then promptly left for our honeymoon (four days on Oahu and five days on Maui!)

We have now been on Oahu for 2 1/2 years and are expecting our first baby this Fall!

Follow my blog for updates on this crazy wave we're riding, wherever the Navy takes us!


Bailey said...

You live in Charleston?! I LOVE Chucktown. That's so awesome that you up and moved there. I would love to life there when I grow up!
I'm also from Kentucky like S-- go Wildcats! :)


Julie said...

GO Huskies!

Kelly Ann said...

I loved this page, I feel like I know you so much better!

Sparkles and Shoes

Anonymous said...

Charleston is a wonderful place! I am trying to convince my hubby that is on the list of places to move someday. Love that you just moved there on a whim!

Breanne said...

You two are so adorable together!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Breanne :) And thanks for stopping by!

Lauren Lindsley said...

I just found your blog through Southern Bride Bloggers & I love it! I'm going to Charleston for my bachelorette party in Jan & this definitely made me even more excited. Good luck with everything and I can't wait to read more!

Lauren @ How Beautiful Are The Feet

Babbling Brook said...

Awh how cute! It was meant to be to move so SC so you could meet your Sailor! Adorable!

I also wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blogging Award! Stop by my blog for all of the questions and rules! I hope you participate and let me know if you do so I can check your post out as well!

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